Monday, October 5, 2009


My little munchkin turned one on Friday. One. A year has passed since he was born. I've been a mommy for a year. Man, did that year go by ever so fast!! To me it feels like he was just born. I can't believe how much he has changed within that year.

As much as I look forward to watching him grow, I have to admit that I miss my little baby. Well, he'll always be my little baby, but I miss the days when he was just a tiny little helpless newborn...when his cries sounded like a little sheep, when he would root and reach for me with his eyes closed, when his little lips used to form the cutest little "o", when he fit perfectly cuddled up in my arms, when his breath smelled so sweet (it still smells sweet, but not that perfect baby sweet), and when he used to fall asleep curled up on my chest...

My sweet little boy, now a year old. I'm not a fan of posting up photos of him as the idea of having his photos flying around the internet for anyone to take kinda freaks me out, but this time I just have to bite the bullet, not be so over protective and added a few.

I'm a proud momma. My little man. At one:

- he's not walking yet but stands a lot and for longer periods of time and is walking along furniture like there's no tomorrow
- has the cutest smile. Ever. Snd when he's really happy that smile is so wide open that it makes me happy regardless of what my mood had been previously
- loves bananas and Cheerios and simply cannot get enough of water
- doesn't care for milk in a bottle or sippy cup, actually he never really drank from a bottle period
- never used a pacifier after we left the hospital, no matter how much we tried to get him to do so
- still breastfeeds and absolutely loves it. I have to admit, I love it too
- has a temper. Oh yeah, does he ever. This should make for some fun and interesting tantrums over the next few years...heh..heh...great...
- loves going for rides in the truck
- has unpredictable naps, but I can be guaranteed at least one a day...but for how long, that's up in the air
- is a huge Momma's boy
- has such a cute laugh that whenever he does laugh, my heart melts
- loves bath time, but loves splashing around in the water even more

- still has no teeth
- gets excited when he hears his Daddy's truck pull up in front of the house and knows Daddy is home
- loves books
- loves to make farting noises on my arms or stomach and thinks it's the funniest thing ever
- becomes quite the ham whenever he sees a camera
- loves the outdoors, especially if he sees dogs or birds
- loves to be around other kids and get really excited when he sees another kid and tries to "talk" to them
- is quite the fan of music


  1. Happy Birthday! He is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I hope you all had a great day together for his birthday. Its amazing how fast they grow up.

  2. Thanks for the wishes Kat and Steph! Yes, it's amazing how fast they grow up...I'm scared that one day soon I'm going to wake up and he'll all of a sudden be a teenager! :p

  3. Happy Birthing Day! They grow fast but he'll always be your little man :)


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