Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Pumpkin has arrived!!

Now THIS is my kind of pumpkin!! After much begging and pleading, Brett caved in and (finally) carved an Edward pumpkin for me!! I have to say, out of all the pumpkins he has ever and will ever carve, this pumpkin will, without a doubt, be my absolute most favorite one of all times!!

After he was done, Brett turned out the lit the candle, turned out the lights and showed me his work. I asked if we could sleep with the Edward pumpkin. Brett didn't find that funny. I was being serious. But Brett did have to admit that he was quite pleased with his work, and was very proud of how the eyes turned out...after all, Edward is all about those hypnotic eyes...and that wind-blown, sexy hair!

I made sure that Brett covered every inch of that pumpkin in Vaseline (it helps to extend the life of a carved pumpkin!). I want to make sure this bad boy lasts as long as possible!

Brett was a little disgruntled that by carving Edward, he went off route with his "evil" theme. I argued that Edward is a vampire, and vampires are evil. It just so happens that he is a very loveable vampire. I don't think I won that argument. Oh well, I have the pumpkin of my dreams and I'm fine with that!
Brett had to remind me that only a very loving significant other would carve a Twilight character for his love. And to go off theme? Well, it must be love!

Brett did end up buying another pumpkin solely for this design, as the 2 that we already have here have been saved for certain designs. Tonight Brett plans on carving the easier of the 2 hardest designs he has picked out (did that even make sense?), since Friday night he'll have more time to concentrate on the hardest design that he has ever decided to tackle.

Brett has also given up on trying to get me to join in on the carving fun. But could you blame me for not wanting to try to carve something that would reach the standard that Brett has set?? pumpkin would look like roadkill next to his! Not to mention that I don't have the patience that he does for this sort of thing, and I would most likely smash the oversized gourd out of frustration. That, or I would probably cop out and simply carve the "traditional" pumpkin face of triangle eyes and nose with the jagged/crooked toothy smile. Completely unoriginal, I know.

My Edward, unlit

Anyways, stayed tuned...there are still 2 more pumpkins to come!


  1. WOW! That is perhaps the most amazing carving I have ever seen on a pumpkin. And this isn;t even the hardest one Brett is doing this season?!?!?

  2. I knpw I have said this about every pumpkin Brett has carved but WOW! He is amazing. Tell him if he carves me an Emmett pumpkin I will love him forever ;)

  3. Trasha:
    I know, hey? I couldn't even consider doing something like this myself! Hell, I even have a hard time just trying to cut a simple triangle out of a pumpkin, let alone carve out a face and have it be recognizable!

    Hahaha...I was trying to convince him that we should have the whole Cullen clan on our stoop, but Brett put his foot down. It was Edward or nothing. I obviously opted for Edward. I still dream of having all the Cullens in pumpkin form though...

    Thanks! I'll let Brett know your appreciation of his work!

  4. OMG this is amazing! Brett could have a side business carving pumpkins at Halloween! He's SO GOOD.

  5. Thanks Beth!

    I agree, Brett could definitely have a side business for the month of October doing this! Then maybe his pumpkin carving craving would get satisfied AND our stoop wouldn't be so full of pumpkins!


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