Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Camp Out!

This past weekend Brett and I took the little one on his very first camping trip! Actually, it was Brett's company's annual end-of-summer camping trip that involves every branch in the B.C. area. His company had rented the entire Christian summer camp ground, which is located outside of Nanaimo. I really didn't know what to expect, as previous years the camping trip was either canceled or we couldn't go (like last year when the trip was when I was pregnant and due to give birth any day...yeah...didn't really feel like going into labour in the middle of nowhere!). Well, upon entering the camp grounds I have to admit that I felt like we were driving into the perfect setting for a horror film! Even our cabin was creepy...and I wasn't the only one that thought so either. Everyone else in the company had agreed and commented that we were staying in the creepiest cabin on the grounds. We had stayed in the "Nurse's Cabin" because it had the only bathroom, which was deemed necessary to have by Brett's bosses since we were the only ones toting along a baby.

I don't think the cabin would've been so bad if there wasn't so many rooms and locked doors...and this ├╝ber creepy dentist chair:

I mean, why do you need a dentist chair at a camp?? In case of an emergency root canal? I don't know, but does anyone else think this is creepy looking?

I have quite the over active imagination, and so I couldn't even go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, or wash my face without making Brett and baby come with me. Crazy? Yes, I am! I even gave up showering all weekend cause the place spooked me that much! But I don't think it really mattered, cause camping is all about roughing it, being one with nature, and going home with a few layers of dirt on you.

Aside from the creepy factor and the no shower policy, we had a fabulous time. The munchkin was actually very well behaved all weekend and loved the fact that he got to be outside practically all day. We had yummy eats, sang karaoke (ok, Brett sang, not me. I didn't want to evacuate the place!), had bonfires, went on a hike, enjoyed a company wide game of The Amazing Race (Brett's team was disqualified for taking too long!), I got to do some kayaking, and overall had a nice and peaceful time. I even got to do some knitting during the downtime and when the wee one was asleep!

I had brought along both the Ergo and a carrier that I made to help tote around the kidlet. We didn't bring the stroller as we weren't sure how the grounds were, so we did a lot of baby wearing all weekend. We had chosen to use my homemade carrier for the majority of the weekend, but then decided to try out the "backpack" version of the Ergo. W-O-W!!! Brett is a fan! And now so am I! We had never tried wearing the little one on the back before as we both didn't feel comfortable about not knowing what or how he was doing back there, but since we were doing some hiking and we were both there to keep an eye on the kiddie, we figured it was the perfect time to give the backpack version a try. The Ergo was so comfy that sometimes Brett forgot that the munchkin was even there!

The weekend went by way too fast and before you know it we were on our way home (dirty and covered in mosquito bites!), but not before making a stop in Duncan so that I can look at the world's biggest hockey stick.

Even though the weekend was loads of fun, we were glad to get home. I think I took the world's longest and hottest shower ever. And the munchkin was able to take off all the excess layers and crawl around without fear that Mommy and Daddy was going to come along and snatch the leaf, dead slug, twigs, rocks, mud, etc. out of his little hands. We can't wait for next year when he's a year older and able to walk...and hopefully able to fully enjoy the great outdoors!

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend too!


  1. The camp looked like fun, but I agree with the creepy dentist chair ugh!

  2. Looks like you had fun! I am exactly the same with my imagination. My boyfriend lives in the middle of the bush so I get creeped out everytime we go there.

  3. At Home Mommy Knits:
    Thank you for agreeing with me that the chair is creepy!

    That would definitely creep me out too! I'm not sure if it would be from the lack of civilization and in the middle of nowhere that would freak me out, or the fact that there's a possibility that creepers out there with me!


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