Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beer Knitting

Last night the Bitchy Bees had their end of summer beer knit night at Canoe Club. Since I've starting going to knit night, there's been a few beer knitting events but have never been able to attend any of them due to Brett's work schedule. So last night was quite the treat. Who knew knitting and beer go so well together? Well, after a while it doesn't, but moderation is definitely key here! I treated myself even further by getting some dee-lish yam fries, but had to exercise my willpower and held off on getting any of the yummy cheesecake that some of the ladies had ordered (sorry Jennifer!). I had to reason with myself that since I made rice krispie treats earlier in the day I didn't need the cheesecake. But I have to admit, I'm still thinking about that cheesecake...drat!

I've never been to the Canoe Club before and gotta say that it's quite lovely and from what I've seen of the food selection, is a good place for eats as well. It's just unfortunate that it's located in a bad part of town. I'm just glad that Brett insisted on picking me up! I'm excited for the next beer knit night and hope that I'll be able to go.

If I ever get around to it, I'll post up my current knitting WIP. No, it's not the tilted duster. And no, I didn't finish the duster. I'm taking a small hiatus from the duster and am working on a deadline project. But with that said, I think I might have to take a break from knitting for the next few days and give my hands/arms a rest. I can feel my muscles tensing up and starting to ache like they usually do when I over use them. Grrr...why do I always put too much on my plate? In true Gemini form, I'm all over the place!

Anyways, the wee one is no longer distracted and so I should go get him a snack. Happy knitting lovelies!

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