Friday, August 21, 2009

So tell me what you want, what you really really want...

Sorry, I couldn't resist using that as my post title. I wanted something witty and yet I used something cheesy...mainly cause it was stuck in my head as I was typing this up.

Anyways, my friend Katherine is currently living it up in England. London, to be exact. Where she's been having the time of her life and I've been living vicariously through her, as I've always wanted to live in England and still dream about doing so to this day. And probably will always do so until it actually happens. Back to the story...she's been able to do a lot of traveling, see and do amazing things, and meet so many celebrities. One of them being Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice. I love Ginger Spice. And yes, I went to their reunion concert when they performed in Vancouver. I'm a geek like that. And yes, I know that not everyone was/is a Spice Girls fan.

Geri was promoting her book and Kat was able to go to her book signing. I knew that she got to meet her, have a photo op, and actually talk to her. What I didn't know, until it arrived in the post, was that she got me a copy of the book too. And imagine my sheer delight when I opened the book and saw this:

Yes, Geri wrote my name. Still has no idea who I am or that I even exist. But still, she wrote my name! Can I be even more of a nerd??

The book/story itself is more of a Girl Power thing and not really something to keep on the bookshelf in my son's room. Oh well. For now it sits on a shelf in a bookcase in the living room. And I'm fine with that. Maybe one day I'll be able to read it to my daughter, if I ever have one. I'm just happy that I have something personal from Geri (ok, not that personal, but I live in a dream world when it comes to all things Spice...), and it kinda serves as a memento of the days when I worshiped Ginger Spice and their message of Girl Power(!!). It also serves, in a weird way the fun I used to have with Kat. Such as, the last time I was out on the town with her and with some of the fashion girls, we had Spice Girls blasting in the car and we were all singing along and doing the arm movements. Our friend C-Bomb had lamented on the days of NKOTB, and of all people, Shawn Desmond (which I was NOT a fan of), which spiraled into the usual banter that the fashion girls go off on. I miss those days.

Anyhoo, I thought I would share this little tidbit of personal reverie and musing. Hmmm...I wonder if I can somehow get Posh to sign my copy of her book that she wrote about style...

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