Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long summer days...

...doesn't mean the weekends are long as well. Boo erns! The weekend went by way too fast - where did the time go?? Our weekend here was filled with sunny days, dragon boat festivities, blueberry pancakes, chores, and (gasp!) a little bit of crafting!

Brett and I had missed last year's Dragon Boat Festival cause it was too hot for my then pregnant body to handle. This year, since we're only blocks away from the harbor, and cause my friend Yammers was in it, we made our way to the inner harbor and watched a few races and caught a few performances. In the several years that she's been doing dragon boat I've never seen Yammers in action before, so when I finally did I actually got the chills. It was just so exciting!

There was also a stage set up in the festival grounds that showcased some Chinese performances like dances, music/singers, and all complete in traditional threads. The music part really reminded me of my youth when my Dad used to blast his classical Chinese opera music on Sunday mornings. I forgot to take photos of the performances that I saw, I think I was too wrapped up in bubble tea and mini donuts!

Also a big deal from the weekend: being spoiled by Brett. Not only did he make me stacks of pancakes made with fresh (and oh so yummy!) blueberries Sunday and yesterday morning, but he also did a complete and total cleaning of the kitchen! Fridge included! And I don't know how it happened, but we had somehow managed to use practically every single dish, piece of cutlery, pot and pan, and mug that we had in the house. The mug usage baffles me. We seriously have a cupboard dedicated to nothing but mugs, and never before have we ever ran out. My years working at Starbucks had resulted in me owning quite the vast collection and the fact that every place that I travel to I buy a mug as a souvenir. To top it all off, I have a huge love for Momiji mugs. But anyways, with all of our kitchen wares piled high in the sink, Brett took the hour (!!) it took to do all the dishes. Times like these we kinda wish we owned a dishwasher. And here I am thinking that there's no way he could top last weekend's surprise: the cleaning of the entire house! Yes, I scored me a keeper!

So while Brett was cleaning and the little one fast asleep in bed, I had the opportunity to do some crafting. Woot woot! I'm not going to go into too much detail about it, I'll save that for another post for another day (the wee one is getting restless and tired of "reading" his animal book). But here's a little glimpse:

Can you guess what it is?

'Til then, happy crafting!


  1. First time I've posted, but I've been reading for ages. Totally inspired by the stuff you make, makes me want to drag out the sewing machine and try and use it. And while juggling a baby?! totally impressed. Good work!

  2. Hey...how funny that we both bought colette patterns at the same time. Aren't the pattern books beautiful! I want the chantilly pattern too. I can't wait to see how yours turn out.

  3. Suzanne:
    Wow! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! That just made my week!! No, make that my month!

    I'll definitely post up some photos if I ever get around to sewing any of the Colette patterns that I bought. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be soon! I can't wait to see yours either! Let me know how the instructions are too!


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