Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Warm weather nails

After reading Stephanie's post about summer polish and discovering the blog, All Lacquered Up from the same post (thanks Steph!) I felt inspired and compelled to paint my own nails with summery shades. Mainly yellow.

Unfortunately for me, Victoria doesn't carry any of the brands featured on ALU (although I think Gloss carries Butter London, but last time I was there the color selection was lacking). Too impatient to order any online and to wait for it to arrive on my doorstep, I went to the nearest London Drugs and found a limited edition, summer exclusive line of brightly colored polish by L'Oreal. Best of all, they had a yellow that I was hoping to find. I was sold!

Now, I don't have gorgeous, hand-model nails as the writer of ALU, and I didn't have a lot of time to do my nails either. I had to wait until the munchkin was in bed for the night and painted my nails as fast as I could, hoping that the powers that be would let him sleep long enough for my nails to dry. I took extra precautions and bought a bottle of quick-dry top coat polish that promised to have your nails dry to the touch within 30 seconds. I was skeptical about the 30 second promise, but would be happy enough if they could do the job within 5 minutes the most. I woke up the next morning and was quite surprised to not find any dents or blanket marks marring up my paint job. That bottle of quick dry top coat is definitely going to stay on the bathroom counter for the rest of the summer! It's been a few days since I've done my fingernails and I'm quite pleased at how well they're holding up. Over the weekend I was so thrilled with my nails that I was eager to show them off and chose outfits that would showcase them!

Excuse the photo...I wasn't wearing any makeup and was having quite the blah hair day!

When I used to live in Vancouver I used to get manicures and pedicures all the time with my friends. Doing my nails made me realized just how much I missed getting pampered for 30 minutes every few weeks! I'm thinking I should start getting my nails done at least once a month or two, as part of my "me time". Cause it shouldn't be just Mother's Day when a Mom can get some pampering! So if anyone knows of a good place to get your nails done here in Victoria, drop me a line and let me know!

You must definitely go check out All Lacquered Up. I immediately bookmarked it when I saw what a valuable resource it was. Not only does she paint her own nails with all the latest colors from several different brands, she showcases them in different lighting and takes photos of her nails with the bottle so that you can see for yourself just how true the color really is. She also gives a summary and photos of how well the polish has lasted after a week and has great tips on nail care! So go check out her site!


  1. Cute colours! I love that purple- I'm obsessed with purples right now!

  2. Thanks Steph! I wasn't sure about the purple, I thought it might make my nails look bruised or something since my feet are the only part of my body that's tanned!


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