Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thinking and planning

I haven't been doing much sewing, if any, in the last week. My knitting project has been consuming me as I'm determined to get it finished before the month is over so that I can have all of August to wear it. Not to mention that the evil woman downstairs was complaining all weekend about our noise level (the wee one loves to bang on the tray of his highchair when he eats his Cheerios...or whenever he's in it. Which means at least 3 times a day. But he's a baby!). So Brett is going to put these sound/vibration deadening boards under my sewing machine. According to my building manager, who gave us the boards, they are meant for high-amped speakers in clubs and stuff and if we put them under my machine then maybe it'll prevent the Princess of Complaining from any future bitching. My building manager also said that once those boards are in place, I'm allowed to sew all night to my hearts content. Yippee!!

In the meantime, I've been thinking and planning my next knitting project. Actually, make that projects. With an "s". I've got about 5 projects that I really want to do, but it's a matter of deciding which one to do first. I've also been doing a lot of sketching/doodling/thinking. Unfortunately not in my sketchbook, but on scrap pieces of paper and in my day planner. All of which I had to transfer over to the sketchbook. All of this then snowballed into more ideas for sewing projects/objects of desire. I'm really digging this wave of creativity!

I was flipping through my sketchbook this morning when I saw how recent sketches look more like math equations than anything else. It's funny how when I first started going to school I had to have all my sketches look perfect - all precise and colored in with notes at the bottom of the illustration or on a Post-it . Now, it's all scratchy, rough, and quickly drawn in either pencil or pen (depending on what I have laying around at the moment) with numbers all over the place with cryptic notes here and there. I guess that's the technical side of me coming through. I still don't like people looking through my sketchbook (not even Brett can look through it), and I still need to get into a routine of working in it either daily or at least once a week. I should enlist the help of my friend Steph, as she was trying to get her creative juices flowing and putting entries into her sketchbook too. But I always get stuck when I force myself into sketching...hmm...maybe I should think back at the days when we had to do all these drawing exercises in my design classes with my instructors, S and Julie. When they would make us think of something non-fashion related and try thinking of it in terms of furniture and anything else outside of the box. I guess they really did know what they were doing when they made us do those exercises...

What do you guys do to get the creativity flowing?


  1. That's what my sketches look like now! Mine are usually to do with the patio or sketching out plans for an upholstered tufted headboard... not so much fashion-related lately. I'm going to be babysitting my friend's nice dress form for a while, so I'm hoping to finally learn how to drape and start making things again :)

  2. I know...all that time spent doing illustrations and we're drawing chicken scratch. What would Mary Boni say??

    Lucky duck on the dress form! I need to get back into making clothes again. I'm thinking of trying to make my own form using the duct tape method. Just have to wait and see if anymore of this baby weight comes off!


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