Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Daze...

I haven't been able to do any sewing and crafting, or much blogging, or anything involving the internet all week and weekend. The über warm weather has made the munchkin unable to take naps during the day or stay asleep at night, all of which makes for one very grumpy baby. Thus in turn makes for one very exhausted Mommy...me! I'm really hoping that this isn't the end of the double naps a day. I'm already dreading the day when the wee one no longer needs naps period. I know that won't be for quite a while now, but still.

The only craft-related thing that I have been able to somewhat do all week is knit. Yes, I'm still plugging away on Elvira. It seriously feels like I've been knitting this forever with no real progress. I keep telling myself, soon...soon she'll be done. I'm really hoping that this mantra will come to fruition tonight at knit night...keep your fingers crossed for me that this'll happen!

Over the weekend I was inspired to make homemade pizzas after reading Kat's blog post about her homemade pizzas. As I mentioned in this post, I was so excited about the possibility of making pizza margheritas with fresh basil grown from my balcony garden. While shopping for pizza toppings I found a small stash of fresh mozzarella in the deli section that made me sooo giddy. It took all my willpower to not eat the entire baseball-size mound of fresh cheese before I even had the chance to add it to my pizza. I had left over grape tomatoes from a week's worth of caprese salads that I threw on top. Oh, I was in pure heaven! Even Brett had to admit that it was pretty darn tasty and that it triumphed his pizza masterpiece.

Unfortunately, Brett forgot to take into account that our oven is quite rogue when it comes to temperature and so his pizza dough came out a little...well done. It would have been a very yummy dish had the taste of burnt dough not been so dominant.

On the night we made the pizzas, we were planning on heading over to Beacon Hill Park to check out Luminara, the Lantern Festival. It was gorgeous all day and the sunset was absolutely spectacular:

This photo does not do the sunset any justice. But it was the best that I could do.

But while eating dinner I noticed weird flashes of light that turned out to be a lightening and thunderstorm, complete with heavy rain. If it was just us going it wouldn't have matter, but we were planning on bringing the munchkin with us. So we nixed the idea, stayed home, and took advantage of the cool weather (and a sleeping baby!) and had a good night of sleep ourselves. Yes, we lead very interesting lives.

Over the weekend we also checked out various outdoor markets. I've been wanting to go to the Moss Street Market for a while now and wasn't disappointed when I finally got the chance. I didn't bring much money with me, so I'm thinking I might have to go back next weekend fully prepared and hope that what I had spied will still be there. Apparently Victoria is all about the outdoor markets in the summer, where locals hock their handmade or homegrown goods. Which I think is totally cool and can't wait to check out more as the summer wears on.

One major thing we did all weekend: car rides around the city. A part of it was for fun and to enjoy the beauty of Victoria. But mainly so that the little one can get some shut eye during the day. Since Brett's truck is topless, the cool breeze not only calms down the munchkin, but cools him down too. So it's only nach that he falls asleep every time we go for a drive, and stays asleep until we get home. Each time we went for a drive we would go along Dallas Road and enjoy the view of the water. I love it. It's so peaceful and beautiful, and truly makes me appreciate living on the West Coast! During one of these excursions Brett made a stop so that the wee one can sleep a little longer and so that I can fully take in the view and the rays...as you can see in the photo below and at the very top of this post.

Ahhh...gotta love lazy summer days.

Well, hopefully I'll be able to get some sewing done this week. Or anything done for that matter. The weather is suppose to hit record levels all week, so it'll be interesting how the little one will react to the extreme heat. And it'll be interesting how the heat will affect my crafty urges...

So 'til then, craft on my dear friends. Craft on!

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