Friday, July 3, 2009

Ok Self, here's the deal...

Lately I've been seeing so many great fabrics online that I really, really, really want to purchase. But I've recently made a deal with myself: I cannot buy anymore fabric (or yarn!) until I start using what's in my stash(es). The deal is, if I want to buy a metre of fabric then I must use up a metre of whatever is on my shelves. This goes the same for yarn. The above photo is a glimpse of some of my fabric piled up on my shelf. It's not even a quarter of what I have. Normally I would say that you can never have enough or too much fabric, but right now I just don't have any room to stash any more! And Brett absolutely refuses to let me take over any more closets. Boo erns for me!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do any sewing this past weekend or throughout the week so far. I usually can get in some time after the wee one goes to bed, but for the last week the munchkin hasn't been able to go to bed at his usual bedtime. I'm not sure if it's the heat or what, but the kid has been extra moody/grumpy! I would like to say it's teething, but he has no teeth making appearances yet! And naptime? What is that?

I'm really hoping to be able to get some sewing in this weekend. I'm sure if I made some sort of deal with Brett, like time at the driving range for time with my sewing machine, maybe I can get some stuff sewn! In the meantime I've just been knitting, since it's easier to whip out the needles than it is a sewing machine. But more about my yarn adventures later! Right now I'm busy thinking up things to put in my swap package while waiting for Kelly from According to Kelly to email me who my swap partner is for the Favorite Things swap that I mentioned in this post. Today is the deadline for sign ups and sometime next week is when I'm suppose to get the email. There's been a few things that I can't stop sewing up, so I'm thinking of maybe making a few of them to send to my partner. I don't want to say what, just in case they decide to check out this blog. So, with that said, I better get some sewing done this weekend!!

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