Monday, July 20, 2009

No Doubt about it!

Yes, a very cheesy name for a post, but I couldn't help it. What else would I call it after going to a No Doubt concert??

That's right! On Saturday I headed over to Vancouver, sans Brett and Munchkin, and saw No Doubt live! First of all, it was so, so, so weird to be by myself. Second, I realized that I no longer know how to walk without pushing a stroller. Third, I don't know what I was more excited about at the beginning: being without the babe for 24 hours, being able to knit for 6 hours without any interruptions, or the actual concert itself. In the end, it was all of the above. This was my first time since the wee one was born that I've been without him. It was a much needed break and I came home completely refreshed and ready for whatever he could throw at me.

I had a fabulous time in VanCity. My friend Erin let me crash at her place and it felt soooo good to be able to sleep for almost 10 hours straight! Granted, her darling Joanie (an ├╝ber cute yellow lab) would do random walk-by lickings. She mostly got my elbow, but sometimes she scored and would either get my foot, or better yet, the side of my face. We went for brekkie and got caught up and gossiped. It really made me miss living in Vancouver, when my friends and I would meet up on Sundays and go for breakfast and catch up all Sex and the City styles.

The concert itself was absolutely AMAZING!!! It was everything I expected it to be and much, much more!! Gwen is seriously my idol. To be able to see her again in concert was fabulous! We had general admission floor tickets, so we had started at the back of the crowd and half of us ended up in the second row. My feet got stomped on, I was sweating like a pig, and I was severely parched, but it was all worth it to be soooo close to Gwen that I could see beads of sweat on her forehead and the diamond pattern of her fishnets. At the end of the night when she showered the crowd with her water bottle, I got sprayed with a few droplets. The opening act, Paramore (yes, the band that's been around forever but only recently got the major attention they deserve from having two of their songs featured in Twilight) was so good! I've only heard of the Twilight songs and the one that's been playing on the Zone. I couldn't say I was a fan, nor could I say I wasn't. But after seeing them live, I'm now definitely a fan! It's been 2 days since the concert and I'm still pumped from it! I can't wait for the next No Doubt or Gwen concert!! And if Paramore tours again, I think I just might have to go to that too!


  1. Cool review! It brought back my memories of tha last summer... Nice blog as well, BTW. It's pitty you didn't post more photos...

    Gwen's abs were just outstanding! And I liked her low-rise white pants (I wonder if she went commando ;))...

  2. Thank you for the lovely compliment!

    I would've posted more photos, had the ones I did take weren't so blurry. But most of the time I was too busy singing/dancing/enjoying the presence that is Gwen!

    I was a MAJOR fan of her black and white chevron dress. So much so that I'm thinking I need to make a version for myself!

  3. Yeah, I like the chevron dress too, but I prefered those baggy flight pants, knee-high boots and a tiny cropped top. Amazing style! But one needs to be in a good shape (like Gwen) to wear it :)

  4. I could only DREAM of having a body like Gwen's! Those abs of hers, it's hard to believe that she has 2 kids!

    I wish I could pull off the baggy flight pants, knee-hi boots, and cropped top look. But again, it's something only Gwen could do! But then again, I wish I could have even half the fashion sense that Gwen does!


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