Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hip Holsters

Image via Queen Bee Creations

I am seriously in love with this hip pack, or hip holster as it is called by Queen Bee Creations. I spied this eons ago but wasn't in the mood at the time to be purchasing anything that involved being worn around my waist (I was pregnant and waiting to pop). I had forgotten about this sweet little gem until I got the QBC newsletter in my inbox at the beginning of the month and saw that they are having a sale for all of July! I heart the hip holster so much so, that I immediately clicked on it to add it to my "shopping cart". Then I almost had a heart attack when I discovered just how much shipping was going to cost me!! Shipping to Canada was a flat rate $30 USD!! More than what the hip holster costs!!

It's times like this that I wish I had a mailbox in the States, or a car so that I can drive over to Portland and get this myself. Unfortunately QBC has no other retail outlet that I can purchase this from. So I'm just going to have to stay coveting it, until I can either find a way to get my little hands on one or try to make one myself. I highly doubt I'd be able to get any of the fabulous silver faux leather that they use on this, which makes me very sad.

I'm usually not a fan of bags being worn around my hips, I think it's from being scarred from the fanny packs of the 80s is what did it. But as of late, I've seen some really funky non-fanny pack looking styles. A few years ago I had wanted the Gucci belt bag but settled for the Coach hip pack, as seen in my Warm weather nails post. I usually wear it slung across my back and not around my hips. I find this pack perfect for when I'm running small errands, going to concerts, and wherever there's a ton of people and I don't feel like lugging around a handbag or wearing a huge backpack. I think this QBC version would be perfect to add to my collection. Now if I can only find a way to get it...

So if anyone is heading to Portland, let me know if you can help me score a sweet hip holster!!

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