Friday, July 31, 2009

Balcony Garden Update

Another week of not much blogging or crafting. My little one is still not liking the heat, and to top it all off, he's teething! I just wish that a tooth would cut through already just so that he can get some form of relief and knowledge of what's going on, rather than just being fussy and overly crabby!

I was out on the balcony earlier today cutting out some herbs for our dinner, when I realized that I haven't given an update status on how my little balcony garden was doing! So here it is. My little lovelies are not only alive still, but they're thriving and growing!

My little Micro Toms are sooo sweet. The first time I popped one in my mouth I was surprised as to how sweet they are. Brett doesn't like them. He thinks they are too sweet and that tomatoes shouldn't be like that. They are seriously like little balls of sugar. The leaves hate the sun, and even though I've been trying to keep them in the shade, the leaves are still somewhat dying. I'm wondering if it's this heat wave that we've been having that's making the leaves die?

You can't tell from the photo above, but we use the lemon thyme a lot. And I mean a lot! As in almost every day. And the mystery plant next to the thyme - which I think is Cuban sage, thanks to minutes of Google-ing - has gone from being a little teapot to a nice tall bodum size height!

At first I didn't think the rosemary was growing at all, but then when I turned the planter to the other side I realized that it was growing alongside the length of the planter! Brett had to remind me that the rosemary wasn't the normal, typical kind that we used to have growing in our backyard at our old place, but was in fact "creeping rosemary".

We haven't been using the cilantro. I think we've used some of it twice in our cooking. Brett doesn't like it, he thinks it's too strong and spicy. I love it. Again, this isn't the normal cilantro, but I can't tell the difference like Brett can. I just wish I could find a good yam and cilantro soup recipe so that I can use some of it up without feeling guilty for neglecting it. I'm a little hesitant in using a recipe off the internet cause the last time I tried a soup recipe from searching online, I ended up not liking it and was a little miffed that so much time, effort, and money went into making it.

We're kind of regretting getting 2 types of parsley, especially since you don't need that much of it in a recipe to get the full flavor of it. But at the time we were so over the moon about starting up a herb garden that we got carried away. We've been trying to garnish almost everything with the stuff, but it still looks like we haven't touched a single leaf.

My basil plants are coming along great. For a while there I couldn't eat any of it cause I was eating it faster than it can grow. Brett didn't believe me when I told him how much I love basil and how I could eat a huge lot of it every day. Now he knows. So a few weeks ago when he went to Thrifty's he saw basil plants on sale, so he got me another one:

This time it's in its own pot and for some reason, the leaves grow much, much, much larger than the other plant. I'm not complaining, but I find it weird. I've managed to eat a lot of Caprese salads from this and am hoping to make some more pizzas next week with it. Man, I love this stuff!

We also have a new addition to our bacomy garden family. Brett had been eyeing it since we started our herb garden and then finally broke down and just bought the thing. What is it? A Cubanelle pepper plant!

He was bummed out for a while there cause nothing was happening with it. Just a bunch of leaves. Then finally a few days ago some flowers started to blossom and now we are starting to see the peppers forming! So exciting!

Unfortunately our marjoram seedlings didn't make it. They were thriving for a while there, then one by one they died. I blame Brett and he's now taking full responsibility for their demise. He wasn't being gentle when watering the tiny things and was literally showering the fragile plants to the point where they were beaten down to the soil from being manhandled by the heavy water. We thought about re-starting over, but then decided to just wait 'til next year to try again. We figured we've gone this long without marjoram that we can forgo it. Oh well!

So I don't think I'll be blogging this weekend at all. We have friends in town so this long weekend will be spent catching up over coffee and beers (obviously not to be consumed at the same time!).

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

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