Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taking the time...

...to smell the roses.

It's been so hectic around our household lately, with birthdays, celebrations, visits, deadlines, and such that today while strolling around the 'hood with the little one I actually stopped to smell the roses. Well, this one to be exact:

So sweet and fragrant. I really hope the owner of the roses didn't think I was some creeper with a stroller stalking her/him. It was so refreshing and such a perfect moment that I had to smell it again. Then I headed home.

Smelling that rose made me think about all the things that were coming up, all the stuff that I was planning on doing, and all the events that will be taking place this summer. Not to mention, I still have that problem/thought about what to do when my maternity leave is over, as I've talked about in this post that's still lingering in all my thoughts (hence all the stuff that I have planned to do...what a vicious cycle!).

I promised myself, once I reached the steps to my house, to once a week stop and take a breather. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and just sit outside and stare into the sky...

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