Sunday, June 7, 2009

Seed Babies

As I've mentioned a few posts back, Brett and I wanted to grow some Marjoram but couldn't find any seedlings. I found some seeds at a hippie market in Nelson and 6 days ago we planted them and have had our little seed babies incubating ever since. This morning we decided to sprinkle them with a little water and to see how far along they are coming. This is what we saw:

The last plant was the last one to be covered in a plastic Ziplock bag. We didn't cover it until 2 days after we had covered the other two, so it's a little smaller. Just seeing these has made us so excited that we can't wait to re-pot them into their own planter when they are a few inches bigger.

Brett didn't think they would sprout so fast, he had predicted that we wouldn't see anything 'til next week. I had stopped peeking at them after 3 days and was starting to get impatient as to when we would see anything happen. So imagine our surprise when we saw the little sprouts! Yay little marjorams, grow!!

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