Friday, June 5, 2009

Sample Sale!

My friend Carlie (of Project Runway Canada fame) is having a sample sale this weekend. So if you're in the Vancouver area you should definitely check it out!!! Check the above photo for info. This is Carlie's first sample sale (I'm so excited for her!!) and I'm so positive that she's going to sell everything pronto! Don't know anything about her? Either take a peek at her website (click on her name above) or see what Flare magazine had to say about her below:

Image via Carlie Wong

Her style is very classic, feminine chic. Timeless pieces to add to your wardrobe, pieces that you know you can wear year after year. Each garment is tailored and handmade to pure perfection. It always amazes me as to what she can do! I swear, everything she does is pure genius!

Fall/Holiday '08 (image via Carlie Wong)

Pants, Spring/Summer '09 (image via Carlie Wong and Glow magazine)

Jumpsuit, Spring/Summer '09 (image via Carlie Wong and Elle Canada magazine)

Dress, Spring/Summer '09 (image via Carlie Wong and Fashion Magazine)

My personal favorites, the jumpsuit and the white dress, both that I absolutely covet. Which reminds me, I need to see if she has these in my size! I drool over it every time I look at it. I also get a kick out of this:

Hammer pants, Spring/Summer '09 (image via Carlie Wong and Elle Canada magazine)

Mainly because I remember all of our conversations back in school about how she loves Hammer pants and how she's going to bring them back. She kept to her word and there they are! I have to admit, I absolutely love that outfit!

Ok, I need to stop drooling or I'm going to need a new keyboard! So go check her sale out!!

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