Friday, June 12, 2009

Finished: A wee basket

A wee basket for a wee person.

My son that is. For his bedroom. I was inspired to make this after flipping through 2 new (as in new to me!) issues of Cotton Time, and re-flipping through my other copies. In almost all my issues there's at least one sewn fabric basket of sorts. One issue has a diagram as to how to make one. From what I gather of the measurements, it would've been too small for my liking and so I made it bigger. I was basing my measurements off the height and width of the basket that we use for lint in our laundry room.

I used the extra fabric that I had left over from the wee one's (unfinished) zig zag quilt, which I hope to get done before the summer is over. I was hoping to use the Alexander Henry Zoo fabric for the outside, but realized I didn't have enough, not unless I dipped into the fabric saved for the throw pillows that I am also hoping to make by the time summer is over. But I wanted to use that fabric somewhere on the basket. I was thinking the handles, but the print is much too big to be used as 1" wide handles. So I used it as a trim on top. I paired the fabric with peacock blue Kona Cotton and lined it with a dark espresso brown, also in Kona Cotton (man I love that fabric!). This basket was surprisingly fairly easy and fast to make. I think this took me half an hour to cut and sew. And it was all done while the munchkin was jumping away in his Jolly Jumper just outside my sewing closet door!

When I first starting making the basket, I was thinking of using it as a waste basket but Brett claims that it's too nice to be used as that and if I tried to use it as such he'll dump the rubbish on my pillow. So I thought about using it for the small toys that the munchkin has in his room. Then it hit me, all his toys are in a basket in the living room.

So now it's being used to hold extra diapers for now. Which is great cause it can hold up to 30 size 3 diapers, and I no longer have to struggle with the stupid diaper box on the top shelf of the closet for more when I'm in the middle of changing the wee one's diaper. I'm thinking of making another one in these colors so that when the munchkin is older he can store smaller toys, like Hot Wheels (Brett already bought some for him, as you can see in some of the photos!). I'm thinking I should make a smaller one too for our dresser for Brett to put his spare change in. Seriously, the guy puts loose change everywhere in the house. It drives me up the wall! I'm also thinking I should make one for current knitting projects, rather than having Ziplock bags stashed beside the sofa. Oh no, more projects to add the list!

**The lamp next to the basket is Mister P. And yes, his doodle is the light switch.


  1. Melissa, you should totally be selling your stuff on Etsy if you aren't already. It constantly amazes me how you get all this stuff done with a little one in the house! Mine is 15 months...wowee you are impressive!! Beautiful things you can make... have a great day!

  2. but I want my lamp to have a doodle like a lightswitch :(

  3. Beth - I was thinking of opening up an etsy shop, but don't really have the time at the moment to sew enough to put into the shop. Or even to upkeep it. I think this might be a summer goal though. But definitely thanks for the compliment!!

    Suzanne - The lamp is quite the conversation starter, that's for sure! I got the lamp years ago, and from Googeling it, I think the company stopped making the Mr.P line. Sorry! :(


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