Friday, May 22, 2009

More granola

The little one and I have been back home for a day now, and we're slowly getting back to the usual routine. Like eating 3 healthy meals a day with healthy snacks in between, and a set bedtime for the wee one with sound naptimes during the day. While in Nelson we were on the go for most of the day, which meant eating out or skipping meals and quick catnaps. Sooo not healthy! But whoever said vacations were healthy?

With that said, I think I'll be spending the next week detoxing...right after Brett's birthday celebrations, that is. I guess for now my fresh batch of granola will have to tide me over as the one healthy food choice on hand. Just glad that I got around to making some more.
I'm thinking I should also whip up a batch of granola bars for when we're on the go this weekend...

Brett has decided to dub this weekend as "Brett Fest", as it's his 30th birthday. Unlike him, I won't be drinking up a storm, but I will be highly indulging in mandatory birthday cake and treats. All of which I should be baking and making right about now, before his buds get here from out of town. I just hope that I'll be able to have a peaceful moment at some point this weekend!

With that said, I'm going to quickly enjoy a cup of java and some granola while the little one is going at it in the Jumperoo and I have a few minutes before the bake-a-thon begins!

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