Friday, May 8, 2009


Hahaha...this is becoming a habit! Another photo taken on my way home from knit night! And yes, it's the Victoria Harbour...again! The sunset wasn't as beautiful as last week's, but I thought the view of the boats looked beautiful and while I was walking past I was wishing I was relaxing on a boat drinking a cold one while floating into the sunset...

I'm excited that I got to go to knit night for the third night in a row. I'm just sad that I can't make a record of it, as I'm not going to be able to make it for next week's night. I couldn't work on my BSJ cause it's a bit too big to be carrying around and I didn't want it to get dirty. So I started up a mindless, simple project to do in the meantime.

Before my 2 hours of dedicated and undisturbed knitting time, I've had this concept stewing in my brain all day. Well, actually, it's been a few days if truth be told. I've been seeing it everywhere in blogland and I'm really tempted to do it. The only thing that's holding me back is the fact that I think I have a lack of readers on my blog (Brett, you don't count!). What am I talking about? Has anyone heard of the Craft It Forward project/challenge?

Basically, the first x amount of readers (some blogs say the first 3, others say the first 5) leave a comment on your blog, and they also have to post the project/challenge on their own blog. I am then required to make the lucky readers a surprise. I will have up to a year to send this out, and the readers will have no idea when or what they will be recieving. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

The thing is, I think I currently have a readership of zero and so I'm guessing my comments section will probably remain untouched if I do end up doing this. Not unless I have some faithful lurkers out there? Or will I end up making stuff for family members and some real-life friends*? But don't get me wrong, if some real-life friends want to get in on this too, let me know! But should I do this? Would anyone comment?

*Please don't take offense or take this the wrong way. When I say real-life friends, I mean people that I actually know, have met in person, have in one point in my life either worked or gone to school with them, and we really are in friends outside of blogland. I was hoping this project would introduce me to some new friends, whether they be friends from bog world or people I met through blogging that I end up meeting in the real world. Or did I just make that sound even more complicated? I'll stop yapping now.

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