Thursday, May 21, 2009

And I'm back feels good to be back home! As much as I love seeing my parents and the rest of my family, and spending time in my hometown, I also love being able to sleep in my own bed. What I thought would be a relaxing trip/vacation, turned into quite a hectic and busy week. So many people to see, things to do, and of course, making sure my little one gets to spend as much time as possible with his grandparents. I really didn't take too many pictures, which is funny cause I actually took over 700 photos but a lot of them were private family moments. I guess taking touristy-type photos in a town that you spent your first 19 years in doesn't really cross your mind. At least it didn't cross mine.

It took my munchkin a few days to get used to his new, temporary surroundings and to the new faces. I don't think there was a moment in which there weren't at least 5 or 6 people in the room with him! Aside from spending time with my parents, we also had BBQs to attend, house calls to make, and coffee dates to keep. We even managed a few scenic walks so I could show the little guy the Nelson I know.
The little one and I enjoying a walk through Lakeside Park

We also spent a few nights in Burnaby before and after the trip to Nelson. In that time I managed to sqeeze in a very quick jaunt to Metrotown Mall so that I could indulge in bubble tea and bubble waffles while grabbing some pastries for my parents at my favorite Chinese bakery, Maxim's.
I also spent a little time in T&T Supermarket...which I realized I missed a whole lot. I wish Victoria had a T&T...
Not only do they have cheap prices for a lot of every day groceries, but they also have some very cute housewares and appliances, and a great selection of Chinese candies. Guess what I picked up?
Yep, 2 boxes of Hello Kitty plastic ziplock bags! I'm saving these bad boys for special things. I have this on display above the stove. I smile everytime I look at it.

I also scored some things from Nelson, that are very...well, Nelson. I went to the Cottonwood Falls Market (the hippy market as my Aunt Jayne likes to call it), where I managed to find marjoram seeds (who knew they were so hard to find!) and the yummiest little homemade pies (which were gobbled up pretty fast that I didn't have time to take a photo!). I had stopped by one of my favorite coffee shops (ok, I stopped by more than once) and stocked up on some beans. I normally have an Americano from Oso Negro, but decided to try out some of their other coffees.
When I went to pay for them, I spotted this behind the counter:
I had to have it. It was the pink that sold me. Yes, I already have a million travel mugs and don't need another. But as I told Brett, it's pink!

Anyways, I just realized this post really doesn't say much about my trip. Oh well. A lot of it had to do with just visiting family and seeing the joy in my parents eyes as they held, played, kissed, hugged, and talked to their first grandchild. I just wish they lived closer. Til next time, I guess.

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