Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

This was taken last night on my way home from knit night. Yes, I finally got to go! Brett made a request at work to not have any lessons scheduled after 4pm so that I can get some "me-time", and so that he can get some Daddy-Baby bonding time. Ever since the wee one and I got back from our little trip to Vancouver the little one just doesn't want to be with Daddy anymore. Very weird.

Anyways, I don't think I'll be blogging at all during the weekend. The munchkin and I both have very bad colds. I blame his vaccine shots and my Rubella booster shot that we got on Monday. I'm hoping to be able to spend the weekend resting and drinking plenty of (good) fluids. I need to get well and back at 'em cause in 3 weeks the baby and I will be heading to the Kootenays to visit the family!

Completely unrelated:
  • Even though I want/need some R&R, we need to install/get curtains for the wee one's bedroom pronto! The early morning sun, as beautiful as it is, is making the little gaffer wake up waaaayy to early and is reducing his nap times!
  • I have a sewing project in the works, which I really, really, really want to finish by the time the weekend is over. Mainly so that it is done and so that I can test it out during our usual weekend errands
  • I'm trying to "re-teach" the wee one how to sleep. Brett and I are guilty of accidental parenting and as a result the little one refuses to sleep in his crib. It's been 4's slowly working...but I still hope it doesn't take another 4 days for it to be set in stone
  • I finally started knitting the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket! So far it's not as scary as I thought it would be. I think it's going to turn out the size I want too, but now I have to trek back to The Beehive and get more yarn cause I ended up having to double the yarn to get the gauge I needed
  • I desperately need to get my sewing machine serviced. It hasn't been serviced since I bought it and it really needs it. Unfortunately it weights over 100 pounds and it took 4 guys to move it to its current location! It's not going anywhere for quite a while!! Hmm...I wonder if anyone in Victoria does house calls?
Poor Miss need some R&R too!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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