Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rollergirl Knee Pad Covers = Finished!!

Hooray!! Finally!!! These bad boys are finished! Woot woot!! I would have finished these much, much sooner if I didn't hate weaving in ends so much. Some major and serious procrastination was happening with these. I would honestly weave in one end, put the project down, a few days would go by and I would come back to it, think about weaving in the ends, then decide that something else would be more fun and do that instead. A few days ago I decided I wanted these done pronto, so I bit the bullet and sat down and wouldn't allow myself to do anything else until this project was done.
When I blocked the pieces I didn't pay attention to the dimensions and so the fronts were quite longer than the backs. I was cursing myself for that 'til I realized that I would need that extra length in the front for the bulk of the knee pads, and that I needed the backs to be shorter so that when I was bending my legs I wouldn't have a build up of knitted yarn wedged in the back of my knees. I have to admit that my knee pads are bulkier than most, as I have had knee surgery before (thanks to years of classical ballet training) and now value my knees way too much to not protect them like no tomorrow. Anyways, the covers barely fit over the pads! I think a lot of this is due to my tight knitting, the tight knitting within the intarsia, and the fact that I didn't bind off loosely enough. I had also originally thought the fronts might be too long, well I was wrong. They aren't long enough! They could stand to be at least another 1"-1 1/2" longer so that they can cover the knee pad completely. Oh well. Now I know for next time! At least they are done, done, DONE!!

I took these babies out for a test skate over the weekend...I couldn't resist. It was also an opportunity to stay out in the beautiful weather some more! I won't go into major visual details here, just one last photo!


  1. You are too adorable! Love the kneepads and your rollerskates are killer!
    I hope you don't experience the potty training trauma either! It's traumatic :)
    Hopefully one of these days we can actually meet if I can get my hubby to stay home from work so I can actually attend a knit night in town. You go right?

  2. Aww thanks!
    Yes, I'm just trying to get through the first solid not ready to even start thinking about potty training!
    I do go to knit night, although I haven't been able to go to any of them the last few weeks. I usually try to go on the Friday, but really, would love to go to any that I can. I'm in the same boat as you and am waiting for the opportunity to go again! I hope we can meet in person as well! Just from reading your blog it seems like we have quite a lot in common!


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