Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ziggety, zaggety, zoo!

This is the fabric that I'm using to make my first quilt (well, first one since the one I did back in high school eons ago). It's going to turn into the zig zag quilt that I had made a post about back in December. I've been wanting to make the zig zag quilt for my son since the moment I saw it on the Purl Bee blog, but never had the time to get going on it. The past few weeks I've been experiencing "mommy burn out" and have been using sewing and knitting as a form of "me time" and doing something that I like/want to do rather than have to dishes. I also figured that if I don't get the ball rolling on this, then I'll never get it done. If I continued to procrastinate my poor baby will be graduating from college by the time I get around to it. So I decided that the next few days is when I'll buckle down and get to it.

I had a hard time picking out browns, as I was going for the chocolate brown hue and kept coming across dark browns or lighter browns that had too much green in it. I was surprised to find how hard it was to find a nice brown with red undertones. Mind you, my selection was limited cause I didn't like the quality of cottons at FabricLand, the only other fabric store here is quite pricey but was still limited in their selection of browns, and my own stash was pretty much void of any brown.
I had tons of blue fabric to choose from, aside from pink, my stash has quite a lot of blue in it. I'm thinking of not using the navy with stars print on it though. I threw it in there cause I'm all about the stars. But like Tim Gunn always says, "make it work...simplify!", and if fashion school taught me anything it was that even though I like something, it doesn't mean it belongs. Brian Bailey would be proud...he's always saying "edit, edit, edit!". So I'm thinking I must edit the stars out. I got polka dots in there with simple cottons, since my main focus is the Alexander Henry Zoo fabric. The stars just stand out like a sore thumb.
I guess I have my answer there. Stars = out.

Now, to get down to some business!

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