Sunday, March 22, 2009

WIP: Knitted neck thingy

While waiting for the pieces of the knee pad covers to dry up from being blocked, I decided to start up another knitting project. I did try my hand at another crochet driving glove, this time in large...but my numbers just weren't adding up! So I got discouraged and decided to do something easy and quick.

I had spotted this pattern on Martha Stewart's new craft blog. I've been wanting a scarf neck thingy like this for a while now but couldn't find a pattern to make one...until now. Thank you Martha!! I got all excited when I discovered this on her blog! It's also on Ravelry, don't know why I never saw it there before.

Anyhoo, I had started knitting this uber late Friday night but ended up frogging it (I only had about 3-4 inches of it knitted up). I'm not using sport-weight yarn as specified in the pattern, but a medium worsted-weight yarn. Yet I used the US 4/3.5mm needles called for. Oh yeah, and I didn't do a guage swatch. I know, I know...when will I ever learn?? So I knitted up a bit of the scarf thingy and didn't like how tight the stitches were and how somewhat thick the scarf was getting. Which made me frog the whole thing and start it back up on US 7/4.5mm needles instead. Surprisingly, I didn't waste any time by re-starting the project. Within a matter of 10 minutes or so I already had the scarf knitted up to where I had left off before the frogging. The only part that I had “difficulty” on was the ribbing. But this was due to me being skeptical and completely unsure that what I was doing was right. After trying the ribbing part a few times, I decided to just stop over-thinking this and do as the pattern says to do…and what do you know? It worked out! I’m rolling my eyes at myself for this one!

I took the above photo earlier this afternoon when the wee one was napping...but I'm already three quarters of the way done! It's just such an easy knit! A quick note: I stuck with the double pointed needles after doing the ribbing cause it felt easier and lighter with the small DPNs, whereas the regular needles felt so heavy, chunky, and got in the way sometimes. I think this is cause I'm knitting short rows here. I just wanted to point this out before anyone left a comment about how I was doing regular, straight up knitting on DPNs when I didn't have to. Another quick note: I'm using the same yarn that I'm using for the crochet driving gloves. This is my "test" case I didn't like how the project came out the way I wanted it to.

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