Friday, March 20, 2009

The Post

This is what arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. Yes...another damaged package.

I am getting frustrated with Canada Post! It may or may not be their fault that in the last 10 parcels I've received, 9 of them have arrived either damaged and/or opened. Today's parcel arrival was no exception. Just glad that the fabric that was inside was double packed in plastic ziplock bags and weren't ruined while in transit.

In Canada, you pay an arm and a leg...and sometimes your first born, to send off a package. There's been a few times where the cost of sending the package was more than the goods inside the box/padded envelope!! Lately, what I've been sending/receiving has been bent when the envelope was clearly marked "Do not bend", partially ripped open, soaked at one point so the writing on the card and the card itself is all warped...must I go on?? Is this happening to anyone else?

Ooohhh...the frustrations!

1 comment:

  1. Well... And those are *packages*, which could be explained by Customs, although it doesn't excuse the treatment.

    I live in Portugal and my fiancé sends me postcards that arrive all ripped up in the same apology-bags you got. It's ridiculous! It's a postcard, not rocket science.



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