Thursday, March 12, 2009


All through my pregnancy I was majorly craving Girl Guide cookies but never got them. Mainly because the chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies are only sold in the spring and the chocolate mint ones, which I couldn't care less about, are available in the fall. My pregnancy craving hit me apres spring, so I never even got the chance to try to suss the delicious cookies out.

But now it's spring, my craving is back...and right now those Girl Guides are out hocking these boxes of goodness. And I need to find them!! Yet, I don't even know if Victoria has a single Girl Guide?? I know if I was living in Vancouver, I would be able to find the GG girls by swinging by the Van art gallery and see them set up under a massive tent selling cookies by the case load!

So if anyone reading this is from Victoria and sees one of those girls dressed in blue (do they even wear those uniforms any more??), let me know!!!!!!!

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