Friday, March 13, 2009

Another amazing Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern!

The Modular Tomten Jacket.

Another pattern that is knitted in one piece and then sewn with really small seams on the underarms. Very Baby Surprise Jacket-like, but different in the styling of the stitches (did that make any sense?). It looks a little more grown up from the BSJ, so if I ever find the pattern and make one, I would make this one for when the little one was older.

Arg! Another pattern to track down! I wonder if I can get anyone I know in Vancouver to find it at the VPL and scan these patterns for me or something?? Hmmm...something to consider. As these EZ patterns are haunting me and must be made!!

If any of my friends in Vancouver are reading this, and you have a VPL card and the time, please, please, PLEASE help be obtain these patterns!!


  1. Hi there, you can request any book you'd like at another library through the interlibrary loan service. Check out: for more info. Good luck! You can also chat online with a BC librarian for more info at: using the AskAway service. Beth

  2. Thank you Beth for the tip! I'm going to have to go and get a Victoria library card now so that I can utilize the inter-library loan services!! I'm excited!!

    Thanks again!!


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