Monday, February 23, 2009

The weekend...

Another weekend is over. *sigh* It was suppose to rain all weekend...despite the amazing sunshine and great weather we've been having lately. Much to my disgruntlement, since acquiring my Hunters there hasn't been a drop of rain! Which is quite the surprise since it practically rains here every second day. Oh well, I should just be enjoying the sun and be glad that it's not snowing like some areas in BC.

I had a pretty laid back weekend. It was filled with a lot of sleeping in (a luxury considering that I have a 4 month old baby that just doesn't want to sleep!), yummy brekkies, some knitting, some fabric cutting, and a little bit of sewing thrown in. I didn't get a chance to sew the All-Star half apron like originally planned, instead I opted to sew up some fabric blocks for Kole to play with and a little something something for the crib for him to stare at when he wakes up. The batteries to his toy aquarium are dead and I keep forgetting to go get more and he absolutely dispises the mobile that his grammie got him for Christmas to the point where we had to take it down. When I have the baby projects done I'll take some photos and post them.

I even got to bake some cookies this weekend too! I was craving something other than the typical chocolate chip that is always being requested by Brett. So a little search on Martha Stewart's website and I came across the Giant Ginger Cookies, which I had remembered reading on someone else's blog about how they taste a lot like the ginger molasses cookies you get at Starbucks. Exactly the recipe I was looking for to spice up my baking repertoire. And how pleased was I to find that I already had all the ingredients needed to bake these bad boys?? The cookies came out yummy...but not exactly like the ones you find at Starbucks. I think the next time I bake these cookies I'm going to use my usual brown sugar rather than the light brown sugar the recipe calls for. I would also have to readjust the racks in the oven so that the baking sheets aren't so close to the bottom and burn. Our oven is so inconsistent, that I would have to check on whatever I was baking constantly anyways.

So what did everyone else do over the weekend?

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