Tuesday, February 17, 2009



That's right! I found a store here in Victoria that sells industrial sewing machine needles! I had made a post last week about how I couldn't find a store here on the island that sold them and was feeling quite disgruntled about the whole situation. I honestly thought I was doomed and would have to wait until I could make the trip over to the mainland in order to get some. Lucky for me, I didn't have to go that route. I was so desparate that I made Brett drive around Sunday to all the stores in Victoria that had anything to do with sewing, in hopes that maybe some needles would magically appear on the shelves. The one store that I was banking on having them (but told me they didn't sell such things when I had called in the first place) was closed, but I insisted that I at least take a peek through the window to see what they had to offer. What a weird store. They sold sewing machines, thread, quilting frames...and trampolines???! So odd. But then I spotted them. In the corner I saw a few industrial sewing machines! Bingo! If a store sold the machines, then they had to sell the notions to go with them, right??

So yesterday afternoon Brett drove me back to the store and lo and behold...they had my needles! I told them about my initial phone call and that someone had told me that they didn't sell needles for industrial machines. It was a mystery to them as to who it could have been that dished out the misinformation. Meh! It doesn't matter now! I have my needles!

Although, funny story, I came home all excited and wanting to sew but knew any sewing would have to wait as the little one was a wee bit cranky from just having his second round of immunization shots done an hour before making my needle purchase. I was content to just cleaning out the drawer in the sewing table (it was a serious mess, I'm surprised that I even got the drawer open in the first place!) while Brett consoled the wee one. Maybe I should have cleaned out the drawer beforehand. Cause what did I find?? 2 brand spanking new, unopened packages of needles! Oh well, now I know where to go when I need more!

Eek!! Now I can't wait to start sewing again!

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