Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ugh! I own a Juki industrial straight stitch sewing machine and realized the other day that I don't have any more needles. I thought I would be able to find some for my beloved machine, but nowhere in all of Victoria sells needles for an industrial machine!! A woman that I talked to who worked at the FabricLand here told me that she has to buy her needles either online or when she makes the trip to the mainland. I'm completely flabbergasted! Gob smacked!

I knew Victoria was already limited for my sewing needs...but now a lack of sewing machine needle resources??? This is too much for me! I've been trying my hand at getting some online via eBay, but much to my chagrin I'm not having much luck. I'm finding needles for Singers, Pfaffs, and basically don't know what the heck the other ones are for or what size they are. The ones I am familiar with are located in the UK...but pretty much cost the same for the same amount if I were to get it at my fave fabric store in Van. *sigh*

This makes me wish I still lived in Vancouver even more!! Now I have to hunt down a source...and see if I can stock up like no tomorrow!


  1. Would you please tell me what model Juki you have and what is the throat space on the machine? Thanks.

    fulvialuciano at yahoo dot com

  2. My Juki is a DDL-8300N model. But I don't know what you mean by throat space?


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