Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Heart Wellies!!

I've been living on the West Coast for over 10 years now, and living in Victoria is as West Coast as you can get. With that said, it rains here practically 300 days of the year (ok, Brett claims that I am beyond overly exaggerating...but it sure does feel like it rains that much!). But then again, I moved here from Vancouver, a city that is well known for the rainy weather. So it's a little known fact that Victoria receives 65% more sunshine than Vancouver. Either way, when you boil it down, it rains. A lot. Here.

So, without even realizing it, I've been slowly building up my rain boot collection over the past few years. My first pair of rain boots were black with skulls and bones on them, and the second pair are white with navy stripes a nautical theme on the front with red hearts on the heels. A few months ago I purchased a pair that were black with herringbone fabric along the legs and topped with a black bow. And now, my most recent acquisition is a pair of black Hunter boots, which I love to death, to the point where I kinda want it to rain more often now. So sad.

Anyways, I had noticed that I was slowly progressing towards a more plain boot and was wearing the Hunters all the time instead of the others. It horrifies me that I would forgo any color in my wardrobe, and so I recently purchased a fuschia pair of Hunter boots! They were extremely hard to find and am (im)patiently waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I was out window shopping with a friend the other week and came across the yellow pair...I had to gather all my strength to not slap down the plastic and make them mine. But now, they are all I can think about. I mean, just look at the above picture!! 'Nough said!

I think I have a Wellies problem.

My mission now is to find some fleece Hunter socks, which is uber hard considering that they are nowhere to be found in Victoria. I'm assuming I'm going to have to resort to looking on eBay and the like.

Ahhh....I dream of rain boots...

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