Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello M.A.C!!

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day to arrive, ever since I found out about it...and I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to be able to post about this, but....

The M.A.C Hello Kitty collection has (finally!) arrived!!! Well, it has arrived on the M.A.C website as of midnight Monday night, and then in stores across Canada and the US today. I don't think the collection will make its appearance in Europe until later on in the year...sometime in March, I believe.
I was on the computer at midnight Sunday, waiting to submit my order on the M.A.C website. There are a few limited edition accessories that are only available online that I was coveting and needed to add to my Hello Kitty collection. Like this limited edition soft vanity case that's only available on the M.A.C website:
Photo via nitrolicious

Photo via nitrolicious

And check out the lining!!! It's hot pink with the M.A.C ang Hello Kitty logo!! It's the number one thing that I completely covet from this entire collection. The second would be this make up brush holder...I'm getting giddy with excitement!!
I actually woke up uber early this morning and made my way to the closest M.A.C store to score myself some of the HK loot. I was a bad girl and picked up a couple of lipglasses (I horde lip gloss like nobody's business! It's become quite the serious problem), a pot of tinted lip conditioner, a compact of beigey beauty powder, and the make up bag. I wanted to pick up the eyeshadow set, but was reluctant in case my eye problems never clear up.
Apparently I have to make my way to Mayfair Mall though, where the M.A.C head store for the Victoria region is located, if I want to pick up any of the HK accessories. Like this uber cute compact mirror!
Unfortunately I might not be able to get there 'til the weekend. I just hope they don't sell out by the time I get there!

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