Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Happy V-day everyone!!

I'm not one who really celebrates Valentines and my boyfriend, like most people, think it's a "holiday" made up by Hallmark. I kinda think this day is a bit of a waste...I think this is why my boyfriend loves me so. I think roses are overly expensive and are a waste of money. You spend so much on something that only lasts a few days before they die. I hate trying to go out for dinner on this night too cause I get easily irritated by all the crowds at every restaurant and eatery in the city and the fact that you need a reservation to eat anywhere anyways. I also think buying chocolate before and on the 14th is stupid, as we all know it just goes on sale the next day. Mmmm...discounted chocolate...and we all know chocolate tastes better the day after Valentines and the day after Halloween!

Brett still felt compelled to buy me a gift though - a box of Turtles chocolate (cause they never go on sale), a huge stick of Toblerone chocolate (again, not really an item that goes on sale), and a plant...cause that won't die. Not unless I over water it. Like I did with the last plant he bought me.

Anyhoo, hope everyone has a fun Valentine's! I know I'll be spending it with my 2 favorite boys: my son and my baby's daddy, who is cooking us a special din din of king crab and salmon! Yum-O!

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