Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to my house!

My very first project of the year completed!! Inspired by a similar project that I saw in the current Cotton Time magazine, I thought it would be a real cute way of welcoming guests to my new home.

I bought the frame at Walmart, the Cotton Time version featured a simple unpainted wooden frame. I thought since I wasn't going to be using linen that my version wouldn't need such a natural looking frame. I used black Kona cotton from my stash, and hot pink embroidery thread for the words and running stitch. The original idea had 3 apple appliques with embroidered stems and leaves. That idea really wasn't "me", but was going to follow suit anyways, using hot pink fabric for the apples. That is, until I saw these cupcake stickers from the Martha Stewart crafts line. Bingo!

This sweet welcoming project took only half an hour, done late one night when the baby finally fell asleep! This was a pretty easy peasy and fast project that was quite the instant gratification, which got my creative juices flowing. Yay! Onto the next project...

1 comment:

  1. All the embroidery work looks cute. But the picture is a little too blurry.


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