Saturday, January 3, 2009

Making My Mark

A few weeks ago I saw a commercial that stuck with me and lingered at the back of my brain. I can't remember the exact organization or what the exact wording was, but basically it was about making your environmental mark and how if everyone did at least one thing to help the environment then we're well on our way in helping save the planet. Then when I was looking back at all my 2008 posts, I came across my Earth Day post and it reminded me of some of the things I was hoping to do/change in my day-to-day living. So a few days ago, I made some key decisions to help me start the year 2009 on the right foot.

Brett and I stopped buying flats of bottled water and have purchased a giant refillable jug from Safeway. Unfortunately the thing leaks and has proved that it doesn't last that long, since I guzzle water down like no tomorrow. I'm going to have to come up with an alternative solution, but in the meantime the jug will have to do.

I did some research and finally purchased some stainless steel water bottles. In my original post I commented that I wanted to buy either stainless steel or aluminum water bottles. Well, after my research I decided against aluminum, as it leaches toxic chemicals when it comes in contact with anything acidic. So this means that aluminum has to be lined with something to make it safe for liquid consumption. This lining is usually a baked on epoxy or ceramic which can then crack and chip and get into your drink, or it's lined with plastic which can leach chemicals. Isn't the whole point of using an aluminum container is to avoid leached chemicals?? So, stainless steel is now my criteria for a good reusable water bottle. But not just any stainless steel bottle will do. Oh no. I decided that Klean Kanteens are a must for my family. Why Klean Kanteens? Well, they are reusable, lightweight, BPA free, toxin free, can hold water and citrus drinks (in case I feel like putting lemon slices in my water), and have the potential to last through a lifetime of use! What more do I need to say??

And the best part?? I found the largest size, the 40oz (a little over a litre) in pink!!
Actually, it's the Think Pink Klean Kanteen, where $4 of each canteen sold is donated to Breast Cancer Research! I'm in love! I got Brett the 40oz bottle too but in black, since he drinks a lot of water at work and I'm trying to get him to drink more water at home.
I also discovered that Klean Kanteens come in a sippy cup version as well! Damn straight I scored one for Kole for when he learns how to drink from a cup. I was thinking about how I could keep Kole free from plastic use, and this came at the perfect time!
I got him the black one so that he can be like Daddy. I'm so excited about the sippy! I have a few friends who have babies who were born a week after Kole and are just as health conscious about what they expose their kid to. I'm thinking I need to get them these too!
So true!

Yay!! No more plastic bottles for us!!

Aside from forgoing the flats of bottled water and the Klean Kanteens, I've also signed up for electronic billing for both my cell phone and cable bills. I'm hoping to get my hydro bill electronically...once I find out what my account number is! Yay, no more paper bills!

Wow, what a great way to start off the new year!

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