Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kona Cotton Update Version 2.0

I managed to go check out the local quilting shop a few weeks ago...the afternoon before the sky decided to dump a bunch of snow on the ground, to be exact. Before that cold weather streak had hit the entire country.

The store, The Satin Moon Quilt Shop, was bigger than I thought it would be, and carried a lot more than I expected. I'm sure I'll be frequenting the store on a r
egular basis, as I love the high quality of the fabrics they carry and from what I've seen have a lot of really great prints for future quilts that I have in mind. Unfortunately they don't carry much for Kona Cotton solids, the sole reason for me going there in the first place. What they did have, was in the clearance section and it appears that they won't be replenishing their supply once their current inventory is sold. So I stocked up on all the colors that they had and cursed the fact that they only had 4 metres of the color "Snow". That will be more than enough for the quilt I want to make for Kole, but I'll have to seek out more elsewhere for the other quilts I want to make. Sorry for the crappy photo...I really need to stop taking pictures in the kitchen!
Yummy pile of Kona Cotton Solids

The store also had a great selection of fat quarters placed all around the shop. I picked up a few to start the collection that I need for the Color Wheel quilt. I'm just glad that it was buy 2, get 1 free. 6 down, 46 more colors to go!

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