Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kona Cotton

I just wanted to say that I'm getting quite frustrated with my fabric stores and choices here on the island. I can't even find/get something as simple as Kona Cotton! I've been on the look out for some for the past few weeks and have come up empty handed. I simply refuse to lower my standards and use a poor quality substitute, such as broadcloth. Not that I have anything against broadcloth, it's just not the fabric and quality you would want to use to sew a quilt or anything you want to keep for years and years to come.

I want to get my hands on some Kona Cotton so bad, I even went as far as email my favorite fabric store back in Vancouver to suggest that they should expand by opening a store here on the island. I was a little taken aback to the response. Here is an excerpt of the reply to my suggestion:

"...Unfortunately we have no plans of opening a store in Victoria at the present time. The amount of sewers required to support a store like the ones we run in Vancouver is a very large number and I'm afraid the number of people sewing such as yourself, continues to shrink..."

Continues to shrink?? Really?? I had always thought that the number of DIYers was on the rise. In today's economy I just figured that more and more people are cutting back on their spending and finding ways to prolong or upcycle what they already have, and if that's not the case, then try re-create what they want for half the price. Or maybe that's just me? Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

I guess I won't be making a quilt for Kole any time soon. Boo erns!

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