Saturday, November 15, 2008

On the move!!

Life with baby has been nothing but feeding, changing diapers, soothing, and trying to sleep. And now I can throw in 'trying to pack up the house' into the mix!! I've been attempting to pack for the past 2 weeks now, but having a baby that does not want to be out of my arms has made that feat uber hard.

Brett and I had decided that we needed to move back when I was still pregnant. It became more evident that we needed to move after I had my baby shower and the baby items I had been given had nowhere to go. The need to move intensified ten fold after our summer vacation to Kelowna and Nelson, when we came back home loaded with bassinets, strollers, and such. Unfortunately the market here in Victoria is beyond insane. I know Victoria is full of very rich people, but how can you honestly think you can charge $1000 for a bachelor suite?? Better yet, $1500 for a 1-bedroom suite and demand only one occupant to live in there?? How can any average person afford such a high rent?? Brett and I had been searching for months and were coming up empty-handed. This town just didn't want to have more than one person living in a suite/apartment/house! And yet with each day, our current place was getting smaller and smaller, and can barely accomodate the 3 of us.

Then out of the blue, Brett's sister called us to tell us that she had a lead on a 2 floor, 2-bedroom townhouse!! Long story short, we jumped on it, looked at the place, paid the damage deposit, signed the agreement, and then it became ours! So we're set to move for the end of this month, and I can't believe that it's the middle of November already! Where has the time gone!! I'm starting to freak as we have a lot of stuff to pack up, and so far nothing has been packed.

Most important though, trying to pack so that silverfish don't follow us to the new place. I was very adamant with Brett that we are not using cardboard boxes to move. A difficult task, I know. But it is do-able. The only time I will allow the use of cardboard boxes is if and when we get a box, we'll store it in Brett's truck until we are ready to use it. When we are ready to use a box, we'll quickly pack it (during the day, cause apparently silverfish are nocturnal), and just as quickly put it back into Brett's truck. Why must we do all this? Cause silverfish love cardboard boxes and can hide in the corrugated folds of the box. So because of this, we'll mainly be using those huge Rubbermaid totes to transport everything. I'm just glad that we're allowed to slowly move things over, which means that we don't have to spend a fortune on a million totes. Just pack and dump, and then re-pack and dump again.

I'm really hoping that silverfish don't follow us to the new place. I'm being extra careful and anal about how we're packing. I want to go through all papers and books to make sure none of those f*uckers are hiding. I distinctively remember a few months ago, when I went to open one of my pregnancy books a huge silverfish came scuttling out among the pages. I was so surprised/grossed out that I screamed and slammed the book down. The ugly bastard wasn't fast enough and got squished between the pages. I still shudder at that memory. Hence the reason for being anal retentive about going through all books and papers!

Anyways, the baby is finally sleeping (and not in my arms)!! I must take advantage of this opportunity and pack a little while I can! Wish me luck on the packing and the move!!

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