Saturday, November 29, 2008


So long studio suite!! So long McClure Street!! So long silverfish infestation!!!

Today was moving day!! Both Brett and I couldn't wait for this day to arrive. We were seriously counting down the days 'til we were out of this joint. We ended up doing all of the packing yesterday - yes, we packed enough stuff that can fit in a 2-bedroom townhouse in one day. I was hoping to be more prepared but Kole wasn't going to have any of it. This past week he was ever more fussy and needed to be held like his life depended on me holding him. Oh well, the packing is done nonetheless, and I'm sitting in the livingroom, sprawled out on the floor, without a single worry that a silverfish is going to scuttle on by!

Now the hell of unpacking and trying to figure out what to put where. The beauty of it all is the fact that we have a place for everything! No more open concept living for me. I'm sorry for those that like the idea of an open concept place, but I like the minimalistic look (except for my sewing/crafting area, that can be hectic...organized chaos, if you will), I like having everything out of sight.

I've been looking online at The Container Store for organization ideas and tools, and am hoping to order a few things before the week is over. Hopefully I can get the house completely unpacked within a week so I know what I need to get. Eek!! I'm so excited!!

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