Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacation is erns!

I'm back on the island after spending a week on vacation in Kelowna and Nelson. Brett and I were a little worried that the trip would go by super fast, but lucky us, it felt like we were on vacation for a few weeks! Although, it was a bit thwarted by my whacked up sense of time...we could never sleep in and were always waking up at 8am, which threw me off the entire time. To me, time was completely off. I always felt like we were a few hours ahead of what it really I had jet leg or something. So weird! Yet at the same time, quite pleasant to know that when it felt like midnight to me, it was actually only 9pm.

Anyhoo, Brett and I didn't really take that many pictures (boo erns!) cause we kept forgetting that we had cameras on hand. Not to mention that there are only so many pictures you can take of yourself being lazy and sitting in a garden. We started our vacation in Kelowna with a visit with Brett's mom, before heading over to Nelson to visit my family. To make sure this doesn't turn into a boring blog entry of our entire trip, I'll leave the bland parts out. So to break it down:

The beginning of the trip was spent in Kelowna, where Brett's mom took us out for dinner and Brett got to wear his hideous horse shirt (more on that one later). He definitely got the response he was looking for with that one. Our server even took to flirting with him every chance she got...not even caring that his pregnant significant other was sitting next to him!! Brett's mom took us on a massive baby shopping spree and threw an amazing BBQ with all of Brett's friends. Then we headed over to Nelson for a few days, where Brett met my parents and the rest of my family. I showed him around the town I grew up in (that took maybe 10 minutes?) and we did a little touristy sightseeing. We also played a lot of Rockband at my cousin's house. We are offically addicted. Brett now wants to buy a Wii. I told him maybe after the baby is born.

In Nelson we stayed at a bed and breakfast rather than at my parents'. Only cause I knew there would be no privacy and we wouldn't be comfortable. Our B&B was actually very nice and felt like we were staying with friends. There was a book in our room that gave the history of the B&B and of Nelson, there was a part in there that Brett just had to have a picture of:
I think "spare beer" is an oxymoron. A funny oxymoron at that.

We headed back to Kelowna for another few days. It was nice to break up the driving, as being 35 weeks pregnant and in a car for 5-6 hours at a time is already agony, I really didn't want to attempt making the straight up drive from Nelson to Victoria that could take at least 13-15 hours. Back in Kelowna Brett's mom took us out for dinner again, this time at the golf club...very fancy shmancy. The rest of the time was filled up with just relaxing in lovely garden. Both Brett and I were dreading the drive back to Victoria.
I think it's because it means the vacation is over, and for Brett it meant that he had to go back to work. For me, it meant that I had to face our place and deal with trying to get it organized and ready. I think my "nesting phase" has kicked in. Eeepp!!

So we left Kelowna and headed back to the island, the truck completely full of baby loot!
When we got back to Victoria Brett and I had put together the stroller and figured out the car seat, and now it's the sad attempt at trying to put together the bassinet and playpen. I think the next 4 weeks will be sheer agony of trying to get the place in tiptop shape, and getting as much sewing done as possible, since who knows if I'll ever get to sew once the new bundle of joy arrives?

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the view...

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