Friday, September 26, 2008


So I've been MIA from blogging for a few weeks there...I've been busy, busy, busy as of late. A lot of it has to do with that "nesting" phase that pregnant women go through during their last weeks before going into labour. Also, my friends Leana and Erin were in town last weekend so I was busy getting in some visiting time while I had the chance to see them (and while I had the energy and actual time to visit anybody!)

This nesting phase is quite interesting. I was quite skeptical about it, and wasn't sure if it would affect/hit me. I still don't think it has, but really have no other explanation as to what has and is happening to me lately. I've been on a mad spree of trying to get things done around the house, I've been writing lists galore and it seems that once I manage to cross one thing off, I have another 'to-do' to add to the list. It honestly seems and feels like I can't get the place clean enough, or like I can keep it clean. I'm starting to think I need to kick Brett out of the house until the baby arrives, since it seems like every time I get the place all neat and tidy, he comes home and it's back to being a pigsty.

The past few weeks have consisted of me cooking and baking up a storm...trying to make meals that I can freeze and will taste good once we re-heat it. I also baked some treats for when we're craving something sweet but I'll have no time to bake like I used to. I have a list of things I wanted to cook and bake, but alas, my freezer can only hold so much. I'm already a bit worried that everything in the freezer is going to come out with freezer-burn since there is so much food in there that there is no room for air to circulate! I'm trying to convince Brett that we need to invest in a cube deep freeze...I'm still working on it...

I've also been organizing (and re-organizing what has already been organized...OCD much??) the house, trying to make it look not so cluttered and claustrophobic. I'm still wondering how the previous tenants managed to live here with their baby, since there is seriously no room around here! Cleaning has also been a high priority too...but it seems like an endless battle with the dust bunnies. I'll Swift the floors and dust, but then the next day it's all dusty again! Blast!

Another high priority? Sewing...and drafting a winter jacket/coat. I've finally finished both of Brett's ugly shirts and have now moved onto trying to figure out how to sew a simple nursing cover. I think I'm making it more complicated than it actually is. At first I thought about just sewing a length of ribbon to suspender style clips so that I can turn anything into a cover, like a receiving blanket, but then I came across the Hooter Hiders website. So now it's my mission to re-create this nursing cover...
We'll see how it turns out. I'm also almost done the pattern for my winter jacket...I have high hopes of cutting out a sample tomorrow.

I have my work cut out for pun intended!

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