Thursday, September 11, 2008

Longing for houndstooth

I have been on the search for jumbo houndstooth fabric in 100% wool for what feels like forever. I still have yet to find this perfect houndstooth fabric. I'm starting to think that I will never get my hands on any, at least not while I'm alive. Maybe my internet searching skills are lacking, but not even the world wide web can help me.

Below is one of my favorite dresses from the Marc by Marc Fall 2008 line. I think I'm a little biased, solely on the fact that it features jumbo houndstooth in my 2 of my favorite colors: hot pink and black. *drool*
I can only dream of finding and possessing hot pink and black wool houndstooth, since I can't even find jumbo black and white houndstooth. I dream of this fabric!
Look how gorgeous this simple coat is with the bold houndstooth... *sigh*
It's not exactly hot pink, but it's still bitchin'.

If anyone spots jumbo houndstooth fabric in wool...please, let me know!!! This insanity must stop!!


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