Saturday, August 16, 2008

WIP: Emmeline apron

For the past few months I've been bitching to Brett about how I needed an apron. Since becoming pregnant, Brett is convinced that I needed to learn and practice on how to make a proper dinner (apparently sweet crepes of Nutella and banana slices is not a proper meal) for the nights when he's unable to be home to cook due to working late or something, he wants to make sure I'm capable of feeding our child a well-rounded meal. He's worried that when our child is older and is asking when dinner will be ready, I'll be serving up donuts and Kool-Aid.

Ok, in my defense, I made those sweet crepes once. And yet he's never let me live that one down. Also in my defense, I would never serve my child donuts for dinner! I barely eat donuts myself, so why would I serve them to my own child?? And two, after dying wool with Kool-Aid in my textiles class, I had vowed to never ever let that stuff go near my lips again! With that said, my child will never know what Kool-Aid tastes like cause I will never make it for them. Ew!

Anyhoo, so I've been branching out trying to cook a bunch of different far, so good. The only thing I complain about is the fact that I'm ruining all of my shirts when olive oil splatters up from the pan, or when chicken juices come squirting out when checking to see if they are done! Not to mention that the bigger my belly gets, the harder it is for me to wash dishes - since whoever designed/built the counter for the kitchen sink area thought it would be brilliant to leave a foot of space from the sink to the edge of the counter...a counter that is already so high it comes to mid-torso on me. By the time I finish washing the dishes, it looks like I took a bath as well! So an apron was a must on my list of things I wanted/needed to make.

It has taken me a little over an hour to whip this up thus far. All that needs to be done now is hand sewing the bias tape at the sides and topstitching the neck straps closed. Then voila! Apron will be finished! I used this pattern, called the Emmeline. I came across this pattern when I was surfing blogs. It's super easy and very instant gratification.
Sorry about the crappy photos. I don't have a dress form to model the apron on, and I'm home alone...and don't really think the apron will look that great on a bulging pregnant woman. So the tree outside of my house will have to be the one modeling it.

The best part about this apron is that it's reversible! I used one of my favorite color combos - chocolate brown and pink - to make sure that both sides gel and coordinate. I thought it would be nice to have one side a printed side, and the other a plain straight up hit of color. I'm quite pleased with how the apron has turned out so far. I messed up a little on the attachment of the bias tape, but hopefully no one will notice but me.
I'm thinking that since this didn't take me that long to sew, that I need to sew a few half aprons too. I have a few vintage apron patterns kicking around, so maybe I should dig them up and see what I can whip up!


  1. wow- you have been busy!! did you get the magazine i sent you?

  2. What???? What magazine??? You sent me a magazine??

    Boo erns for living on an island, even the mail is slower than snail mail! I'll let you know pronto though when I get it!!

  3. dang! I was hoping you got it already- I wanted it to be a surprise in the mail! Oh well- let me know when you get it!

  4. Steph!!! It arrived!! The magazine arrived!!! I nearly had a heart attack when I opened up the envelope!! Where did you find this gem??

    Dude, I owe you BIG TIME!!!!


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