Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Surprise in the Mail!!

I got the most wonderful surprise in the post this morning!! Nothing beats getting something unexpected in the mail to brighten and lovely up an otherwise gloomy and rainy day!!

Mucho thanks to Stephanie!!! What did she get me? An issue of Cotton Time!! I drooled as I quickly thumbed through it...I'm going to make myself a cup of tea in a bit, sit back, and thoroughly enjoy the magazine to the fullest!! Sometimes I wish I had a huge bay window with the bench seats under it for rainy days like this...
Anyways, I keep glancing at the magazine on my's dying to be read. Well, I don't know Japanese, so it's dying to be looked at and admired. Cotton Time calls!! Must jet!



  1. No problem! I will look for more next time I'm at Sophia Books. When I was there last it was the only one left!

  2. I totally forgot about Sophia Books! I thought they closed down though. I guess not!

  3. They had Cotton Friend as well- Does that one interest you? It looks more like clothing patterns though.

  4. I've heard of Cotton Friend, but have never thumbed through an issue. I've seen a few on eBay, but those issues were mainly about handmade dolls and laundry baskets. I've seen a few issues that were about clothes, but the website mainly showed the pages that had kids clothes. I guess it all depends on the issue and whether or not if it's clothes that I would be interested in or can get inspired from...I have no interest in making Ragedy Ann type dolls...if you know what I mean.


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