Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Showers

This past weekend I went over to Vancouver for a very short visit. Basically I was duped into thinking my lovely friend Leana was leaving us to go to South America for some archaeological dig. Well, I was wrong. When I showed up at my friend Erin's house, it turned out to be a surprise baby shower for me!!

How lovely!!

Unfortunately I was so wrapped up with the party and pretty much still in shock that this was a surprise for me (I've never had a surprise party before), that I forgot to take any pictures. I'm going to have to pester all the people that were there that were going camera-happy for copies of their photos.

My friend Erin did an amazing job, especially since this was the first time she's ever thrown a baby shower. She had decorated her house with a baby blue and pink baby theme, had a table spread of goodies and cake pedestals full of cupcakes (so yummy!) and even had ongoing baby shower games - one of which I had won! Yay for sensitive tastes buds!! Even Brett won 2 of the games, which made him uber happy cause it just proved that he knew what he was doing as a daddy-to-be. Erin's husband, Lenny, was on hand to make everyone delicious crepes filled with Nutella, fresh summer fruits, and homemade whipped cream.

I think what surprised me even more was the stroller in the corner of the room! I had been looking at 3-wheeled
all-terrain strollers in gender mutual colors. Low and behold, the stroller they had for me was a 3-wheeled all-terrain stroller in brown! What a lovely sight!! Especially when as a mom-to-be you're looking at dishing out at least $300-400 for a decent stroller.

I also had a good chuckle at when I had to open my gifts. I've always seen in movies and on TV shows when someone has a baby or bridal shower, they always open them in a circle in front of their group of friends. Everyone ooh's and aahh's over every single gift. Since I've never had a shower before, I honestly didn't think people actually did this type of stuff. Well, when it came time to opening the gifts, sure enough, there I was, in a circle of friends, opening my gifts with everyone oohhing and ahhing. I raked in quite a lot of really cute stuff. Everyone did pretty good at getting gender neutral colored things. Not that I'm too concerned with what color my baby wears. My friend Leana went a little Poo crazy and had bought 2 huge gift bags full of Winnie the Poo crib sheets, blankets, wipes, onesies, and hats. My friend Yammers also went a little crazy and had a few one pieces, socks, hats, a blanket, and the best part that made Brett cringe - Canuck booties! They made Brett cringe so much that the next day he had to go out and buy Flames booties to counteract it all.

Anyways, I'm not going to go into detail about what everyone got, let's just say I'm soooo grateful for what they all gave. I was in near tears every time I opened a gift. I think I can speak for Brett too when I say this, but with each gift, it was also a smack to the head just how real this all is and just how close we are to becoming a threesome...a family. When we got home and carried the stroller inside, it hit us both even more that having a baby is real. I'm starting to get scared!!

Thanks Erin for such a wonderful party and fabulous memory!!! I'm going to have to make you something to express my gratitude for throwing me an actual surprise party!!


  1. I love the story about Brett's horse fabric! I think it's great that he selects the fabric, and what fun he will have showing off his fancy shirt!

    The Quiltwhinny

  2. Sorry I couldn't be there!! I'm having a hard time deciding what to get you, but you will get it in the mail once I decide!! There is just too much cute baby stuff out there!


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