Saturday, July 12, 2008

Second finished project of the week

I'm on a roll! 2 finished projects in one week?? Both projects being on my to-do list forever now?? I honestly think sewing my dress for my friend's wedding is what got the ball rolling. I think it reminded me of how good it feels to sew and get things made, making me feel accomplished.

Anyways, I've been wanting to make a tissue holder since the start of my pregnancy. I've never had allergies before I got knocked up, and then I had that nasty cold, and now my eyes won't stop watering up. So I am constantly carrying around packs of tissue in my handbag. After a while the plastic cover gets completely wrecked and my tissue gets all gross and mangled up before I even get the chance to use it. So I just had to make a re-usable holder for them. This is my first time making one and really didn't want to use my nice fabric, in case I screwed up somehow (I don't know how, but still...). So I decided to use muslin. But then I thought, what if it comes out looking fabulous? So I just had to jazz it up a little. I could've used some ribbons or buttons, but I thought how simple it would be to embroider something. Yeah...too much work to embroider something than it was worth. Oh well, the end product came out great!
And to spiff up the opening I thought some simple hearts would be cute. Please excuse the dry hands. I had to take off my french manicure cause it was chipping like crazy...and long nails were bugging me to no end, so they had to be cut!
I don't know much about embroidery and really never tried to embroider anything before, so I'm quite proud of how the images turned out to look what I wanted them to look like. I'm also quite surprised as to how soothing embroidery can be! I thought crocheting and knitting was the most soothing and calming thing you can do. I guess embroidery can be added to that list!

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  1. What material you used for stitching these patterns, embroidery floss or thread?


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