Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy Bee

Wow, I haven't posted in almost a month!! Well, I've been quite the busy bee as of late. Not to mention pregnancy has made me a little sluggish during the few really hot summer days that we had here.

My friends Ken and Brandy finally got married July 6, so Brett and I made the trip over to Vancouver for a whirlwind weekend. Well, for me it was a whirlwind, being Ken's best man and all. I had a dress to finish sewing, my hair to be did and styled the day of the wedding, trying to find a bra to fit my pregnant chest (only to find that I got the wrong bra when I got home, having to walk back and exchange it, and then end up not wearing it cause in a few days span my boobs got bigger and made the dress too tight), writing a best man speech...I could go on.

I've never sewn anything maternity wear styles, and figured that I really haven't changed much except for the belly. So I thought it would be a breeze to make my own dress. How wrong I was!! Not only were my boobs bigger, but my belly seemed to have been growing an inch each day! And, I haven't sewn in ages which makes something as important as a best man dress for over 100 people to see a big deal for a first sewing project. Man, was I ever rusty!!! 3 prototypes later, some tears, a lot of frustration, and the realization of why I don't work with satin later...all in a span of a week and a half, the dress was finally done!! The wedding was beautiful, the dress a success, the weekend over, I can finally work on stuff I've been wanting to get done for quite some time now done.
Here's the dress...we're at Minoru Park in Richmond, taking photos of the wedding party. Sorry that the picture is so small, and that it's a view of the side. And no, I'm not barefoot. I'm wearing dressy flipflops...flat, black leather flipflops with rhinestones along the straps. Being pregnant meant I was not going to suffer the entire day by wearing heels on my swollen feet!!

Anyways, I have a lot of projects planned. Most of them baby related. And I currently have a few projects on the go. I'll post my progress and the end product as I go. For now, here's a batch of organic granola bars that I made earlier this afternoon.
I've never made granola bars before, mainly cause I could never find a recipe that I like and am always hesitant of trying a recipe for fear of spending so much time and money on something that tastes horrible. Well, after watching my new guilty pleasure, Jon & Kate Plus 8, in which one of the episodes showed Kate (who is a firm believer in feeding her kids nothing but organic food) making these granola bars...which are not only organic, but super duper healthy!!! Bonus!! Cause I learned that not all granola bars should be treated equally and all are not good for you. These ones are beyond good for you cause they contain a small amount of canola oil, which is heart healthy. The tiniest amount of butter with applesauce replacing the rest of the butter content. Egg whites, which has protein and no cholesterol (due to not adding the yolks). Superfood wheat flour instead of regular white flour, making each bar a serving of whole grains. Another superfood in there is flax seed (yay for omega 3 intake!!). Bran and oatmeal is also in there, both of which are great for digestion and sources of fibre. I snuck in some walnuts cause Brett hates them, but they have all the good fats that people don't get enough of each day. And did you know that cherries have more antioxidants than blueberries? I didn't know that either. So I threw in a cup of dried cherries in there too, so with the raisins I got iron down pat. And the best part - chocolate! Dark chocolate to be exact. Dark over milk chocolate because dark has antioxidants AND it can lower blood pressure too!! I used organic and 80% cocoa dark chocolate.

The bestest part of it all?? The granola bars turned out great and tastes oh so yummy!! After eating a bar of this in the morning, mommy and baby will be well on their way to a healthy start! After the baby is born, a bar paired with some green tea?? Oh yeah, I'm going to be Super Woman before I even hit the shower!!

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