Friday, May 23, 2008

Ultrasound, take 2!

This is my baby! Yesterday Brett and I went for my 21 week ultrasound. The baby's gender is still unknown, as we told the ultrasound technician that we didn't want to know. It's amazing to see how much the baby has grown and changed since the last ultrasound back in March. This time around the baby actually does look like a baby! In the side profile you can see the baby's cute little button nose. It really does make me so awestruck. Not as awestruck as Brett. During the ultrasound, his jaw was dropped the entire time, his eyes glued to the monitor. Cuter still was after the ultrasound when we went to his work and he was proudly showing off the pictures to all of his co-workers.
Here's the baby's foot. I think this is my favorite of all the pictures that we got. I think it's because when I was looking at the monitor and I saw the baby kicking away, I could also feel it too. It was so weird. I also think the baby is getting stronger. At the start of the week I could barely feel the gentle flutter of the baby moving. The only way I could feel it is when I was lying perfectly still and it was dead quiet in the room. Now, I can feel it randomly throughout the day.
I still don't look pregnant, even though I'm now 6 months along. At the end of my ultrasound Brett asked the technician how far along I was and if the due date is still the same. I was quite surprised to hear that the due date is now October 2nd! The due date that was originally quoted to me when I had first found out that I was pregnant! So far, during my pregnancy, my due date has been changed quite a few times. But it was always October 2nd, or October 10th. The technician had commented that doctors don't take the fact that this is a leap year into consideration. If it wasn't a leap year, then yes, my due date would be for the 10th. It's amazing how an extra day on the calendar could make such a dramatic difference in the pregnancy calendar.


  1. You should get a discount since they mis-quoted you! haha... So crazy Mel... can't wait till that little guy or girl comes out!

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