Friday, May 9, 2008

Morning sickness, round 2

Just when I thought I was on the road to enjoying being pregnant, my morning sickness has decided to come back and ruin that thought. At first I thought my nausea was due to something funky I had eaten, or maybe a weird smell that just didn't agree with me. But when the projectile vomiting started to happen again, that's when I realized that I was wrong. Then I thought, maybe this is a one time deal? Nope. A few days of feeling like crapola and having to stay near a bathroom made it clear that this was the second coming of the dreaded and much hated morning sickness. I was doing so well for a while there too. As soon as my first trimester was over, so was my morning sickness. Then Brett Googled it, and found out that being nauseous during the fifth month was quite common.

Great. Just great.

All I can say is that TV and movies lie!! Whenever you see a pregnant woman, you see them all glowing, serene, and whatnot. Well, reality stepped in and now I have tendinitis in both hands (apparently it's quite common for pregnant women to get carpal tunnel syndrome, who knew??), I am constantly hungry - even after I eat, my stomach feels so stretched out, my hair is a grease-ball, my skin is breaking out - which makes me feel like a high school kid, my skin is so dry that no amount of lotion seems to help, I'm paranoid that I smell, and most of all, I'm so gassy! Gross, I know.

Most days I feel like Britney Spears...greasy hair, mismatched clothes cause everything I own doesn't fit except for a few t-shirts that I've never worn in public until now, and Lululemon pants. All my shirts are starting to hike up, making my pot belly stick out. I think there are a few stains on those shirts as well...come to think of it, I'm starting to resemble Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons, minus the facial hair...I think. Ugh!
On a good day, I feel like a typical Robson Street Asian...sporting my TNA/Lululemon outfit with my high-end trainers, and my Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag (real, I might add). Just glad I no longer live in Vancouver where I could get caught red-handed looking like that!

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  1. hahha oh poor Mel, hang in there my friend:)
    Wish you were coming with the gang to see Sigur Ros in Belgium this summer! well rest asure i will come knocking on your door one day in Canada..its on my toplist:)


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