Friday, April 18, 2008

One down, a few thousand more to go

Yay!! I finally got a project done!! Before I had joined Ravelry, the only resource that I had for cool crochet patterns were from the book, The Happy Hooker from the Stitch 'N Bitch series. After several failed attempts at some of the projects in the book (when I had no idea what I was doing, and decided to forgo doing any kind of samples or learning and just jump into it...tsk, tsk), and after several sorry attempts at the Bedfellow pattern by Camilla Engman, I was positive that I could tackle any and all of the projects in the book!

Well, that was easier said than done. Again, several failed attempts later I was so disgruntled and had flung the yarn with the crochet hook across the room. Yet I was so determined to make this stuffed bunny!! So I Googled around and came across a fellow beginner hooker who had trouble with the pattern as well, but had help from a friend who sent her precise instructions on how to get started. An email later, and I got those instructions sent to my inbox! Thanks Jenny! I was finally on my way to creating my very own bedfellow! Once I got the stitch down, and had started a few limbs, the project worked up quite fast. And voila! Done!

I'm thinking of making another bedfellow, as this one is a bit girly and who knows, what if I give birth to a boy? So I think I have to make a boy bedfellow just in case. Then with the one left over I can give it away as a present since both my cousin and Brett's best friends are due around the same time as I am. Excellente!!

Now I'm onto my next crochet project, the Seija Set, which is also from The Happy Hooker. It's a car seat/stroller blanket with a matching hat with ear flaps. This time I'm making it in grey, light purple, and dark purple. I thought those were very unisex colors, but according to Brett they're quite girly. I think it doesn't matter cause the baby will be a baby! They don't care what color they wear! Well, I hope not!

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